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Monitor Real-Time Conditions

Track microclimates across fields on any device with our cloud-connected sensors.

Fungicide Spray Recommendations

View current crop risk indices and forecasts to manage pesticide spray schedules.


Field History and Scouting Journals

Keep records of field events, conditions, and scouting notes to find field trends.

Localized Forecasts

Plan operations on the farm well in advance with 16 day field-specific forecasts.

Field Analytics in the Palm of your Hand


How it Works

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Sensor Hardware

Leaf Node

Distributed a multiple points in the field within plant canopies.

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Leaf Wetness

  • Pressure

Stem Node

Standalone unit with cellular connection and solar power. Collects data from nearby leaf nodes.

  • Precipitation

  • Wind Speed + Direction

  • Temperature Inversions

Sensor Hardware

Forecasts and Metrics

Climamark Web Dashboard

Simple web interface accessible from both mobile and desktop platforms. Effectively manage any number of fields.

Management tools for your field:

  • Fungicide spray recommendations

  • Real-time field conditions

  • Weather history

  • Field event and scouting journals
Forecasts and Metrics
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Currently enlisting pilot project clients for new fungal modelling initiatives.
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