Climamark Weather System

Distributed Sensing

Our low-cost sensors spread across the entirety of a field provide an accurate picture of microclimates within plant canopies. Sensors are wireless and cloud-connected for use in any field type or application.

Remotely monitor conditions and view weather history to make more informed field management decisions. Data is viewable through a web dashboard on both desktop and mobile devices.

How it Works

Leaf Nodes

Distributed throughout the field and collect data every 5 minutes including:

Self-powered with AA batteries that are replaced every 3 years. Lightweight and portable with the ability to attach to most common post types.

Stem Node

Placed at a single location on the farm. Completely solar powered and connected to a cellular network so no need for any pre-existing power or internet connection.

Collects data received from Leaf nodes and uploads it to the cloud once every 5 minutes. On-board sensor suite also collects data including:

Supports long range communication with Leaf Nodes allowing for flexibility when choosing sensor locations.


Intuitive interface allows for effortless viewing of field data. "At a glance" tiles show relevant real time data with more in depth data shown in historical charts.

Easily view data from any time period of interest. Apply filters to isolate sensors based on location in the field. Access the dashboard from any device at any time.

Questions? The Maesos Team is Happy to Help!